Ah, retirement

There is so much to do in the house, but today the temperature dropped from 94 to 87, so it was a good day for yard work. We pulled up a couple of strips of old plastic edging and about 9 bags of mulch. Then, because that disturbed all the little bugs living in it, Randy sprayed the whole area with bug killer. 
We got ourselves cleaned up and went to lunch at the Ichiban Buffet. As Chinese/Japanese buffets go, it's a pretty good one with a large selection, including a few things that I wasn't up to trying today. Maybe next time... 
Later Pete and Donna drove us to The Villages to hear a band. Tonight it was Paisley Craze, specializing in music from the 60s and 70s. And they are pretty good. 
But I kept laughing at the thought of what the original musicians would say if they knew, back then, that one day people would be line-dancing to the music of the Rolling Stones, the Doors and Jimi Hendricks!

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