Finally - Internet!!!!  It's been a long time and we have really missed it. A dozen times a day I think "I'll look that up", then realize, no, I won't.

We moved in the house on the 5th and have been busy ever since. For starters, the hot water heater had been off, so when we ran hot water, it stank of sulfur and was a dirty color.
We filled the tub a few times to clear out the old water, and then it was OK. 

Our house has a strange "Florida room". The Florida room is an area along the side of the house that is enclosed and covered. Normally these are screened-in porches, but ours is divided up into scruffy little work areas. 

One of the first things Randy did was strip out all those walls and dividers.  The garbage men around here are awesome; they took everything!
We have learned that we are really close to wildlife here. A couple of years ago a bear crashed through a screen at this address and made off with a bag of dog food. During the day I hear alligators bellowing in the canal behind our house; a couple of weeks ago Game Control took a six-footer out of another section of the canal. And in our yard we occasionally see little armadillos. 
These little buggers are cute, but we really can't let them stay. They cause an average of 10 cases of leprosy in humans every year in Florida, and they are dangerous to dogs, too. 

And our front yard seems to be home to every biting insect known to man! 

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  1. Glad to hear you back on the blog. I've missed it a lot! You used to use your phone as a hotspot. You don't do that anymore?