A new "friend"?

Yesterday we spent another day at Renniger's. This time Pete and Donna joined us, and we checked out the annual yard sale before walking through all the regular buildings. There is a lot of stuff outside, too, but it was so hot that we just stopped to talk to the guy at the Bone Shack, then went to lunch at Ichiban Buffet. 

Today after church we put the cover on the boat. It took awhile because the cover fits snugly, and while we were doing it, we got a visitor - a little alligator.
Perhaps someone has fed him, or perhaps he is just curious. He disappeared when we got too close but always showed up again to see what we were doing.  He's the first gator I've seen who hangs down into the water, almost like he's standing up, with just his head above the water. We will never feed him and may have to scare him away as he gets bigger, but for now I like him. Wonder if he knows that Randy has named him "Appetizer"?

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