Work First, Then Play

Yesterday we tackled the cover over our boat dock. For some reason the previous owner put on a cover that just barely clears the sides of any reasonable boat. 
Besides the uncomfortable height, the tarp was badly torn on the far side. So we took the tarp off, then set about raising the frame and reattaching it to the six posts.  
Afterwards we pulled a new tarp over the adjusted frame. It's not as heavy-duty as the previous one, but now that that the dock cover is raised, we'll start using the boat cover. 

And today we put the boat to good use, taking Pete and Donna to explore the lake out for a few hours. We went to Lake Griffin Park first, then turned around and went back to big Lake Griffin. We went all the way to the top of the lake before turning back. Along the way back we looked for a marina. It's a good idea to know where they are in case of emergency, plus we thought we'd get some gas today. It's very hard to see anything from the lake; I don't know if there is a law against having signs on the shore, but they are few and far between. And the shoreline vegetation is so lush that canals aren't visible until you are right on them; even then they can be seen only from a certain angle. But we finally did see one sign for Twin Palms Marina. It's a pretty place, although the slips are tricky to get in and out of.
But the gas price was $4 a gallon! I think it would have to be an emergency before we came back here.

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