Renninger's Antique Center & Farmer's Flea Market

I never knew there were so many big flea markets in central Florida! Renniger's is the latest one we visited, just past Mt. Dora. Like most flea markets, it has a food court. Renniger's is a little different, though: they also have a fresh seafood counter!
We didn't get any fish, but we did get some pickles. The Pickle Guy has a loyal following and there were several people in line. That usually means a good product, so we joined the line. 
The line moves slowly because he chats with each customer while he selects individual pickles to fill and over-fill the plastic containers. When it was our turn, Randy tried a few samples. Most of the pickles were not as good as what Randy can make at home, but he did buy some Sweet Hotties pickles.

Inside the building are the usual array of sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, etc. But outside are individual stalls with individual wares. My favorite was Bill's Bone Shack. He finds animal bones laying around and combines it with other random things to make stuff. Like these crab fishermen:
We kept walking around and found a big garden nursery, run by a helpful Filipino man. He has a ton of plants, like this beautiful thing called a Curcuma. I am not putting in flowers yet, but it sure is pretty. 
And he sells pineapple plants, too. Apparently these grow a lot closer to the ground than I thought. 
We didn't get this, either. But we did buy a small Meyer Lemon tree to plan by the side of our house. 

A short drive away was the Renniger Antique Center, where there are several buildings full of nice and expensive things. There were a few things I wouldn't mind having, but mostly I just liked looking at stuff. 

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