Selling the RV, backyard alligators, Griffin Lake State Park and Rennigers - keeping busy

It's been an eventful week. Saturday we went back to check Rennigers's Antique and Farmer's Flea Market again. I think this will be a great spot to sell my jewelry. 

Sunday we went to Griffin Lake State Park again. This time I was found the big 400-year old Live Oak I've heard about. For such a huge tree, it's completely hidden in the jungle growth. But if you ask the gate guard, they point you to a short trail takes you right to it. It's so big and the forest grows so close that I couldn't find a spot to get it all in frame. The best I could do was get Randy in the picture, for scale!
This tree isn't as big as the Angel Tree nor as amazing in it's scope, but it's beautiful. 

And on Monday we sold our RV! This RV has been home since 2008 and we made a lot of changes to it, to turn in into our home. The red-and-gold paint job was a big improvement over the original white and gray
Inside Randy remodeled the bathroom and replaced the main living area's floor, which suited Julienne just fine. 
He took out all of the kitchen appliances and replaced them with standard household units.
So this RV is very special to us, and we'll miss it a lot. But it's time for us to enjoy our new house and boat, so we'll let someone else enjoy this RV. We will almost certainly go RVing again and probably soon, but we don't need to take everything we own next time, so we can use a smaller RV. 

Tuesday we did a little pet-sitting for Pete and Donna. Their two little pups are cute and friendly. 

Wednesday we went out to lunch, but not together. Randy went to the men's lunch to Cody's, while I joined the ladies at Ruby Tuesday. 

Today Randy fixed meatloaf dinner and we invited Pete and Donna over again for dinner and Mexican Train. In between these two events, Pete went out to look over our dock. He called us out to see a big alligator near the boat. It was a large one, probably between 6 and 8 feet. It was wonderful to see a wild, free alligator this close; it looked very primitive. I love this place - we have gators in the back yard!

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