A bad day at Rennigers

The Saturday after Hurricane Matthew rolled up the Florida coast, we had our first day as a vendor at Rennigers. We got a good location in the Artist's Village (which is more of a row than a village, but they are trying to get more artists). But the crowd was very, very light. No big surprise, I guess; although the hurricane passed us, it did a lot of damage in surrounding areas, and people were busy cleaning up or doing weekday work that was postponed for the storm. Even the vendors had a tough time getting there. The vendor to our left, Bill the Bone Guy, arrived several hours late because he was repairing a fence that came down at his house. The vendor on our right, the Candle Lady, had to spend her day doing realty work that she couldn't get done during the week. So it wasn't a good market day for anyone, including us. Maybe next time!

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