Steampunk at Renniger's

The 5th annual Steampunk festival at Renniger's took place on October 15th and 16th. I have been creating Steampunk jewelry specifically for this event, using  antique clock parts. 
And I made several hats, aiming for a romantic Victorian Steampunk look.
Saturday we set up at the end of a long row of vendors. A surprising number of them were 1st-timers like us. The pavilion was full of vendors, but a few of the outside tents were empty. That should have been a warning!
It took awhile for the crowd to show up and when they did, most of them stayed in the pavilion. A lot of the people who came outside either didn't understand Steampunk and just wanted to see what it was, or they were parading in their already-completed costumes. Some of them were pretty cool; I loved the Steampunk bike.
But my favorite Steampunker was the sharp-looking dude at my booth! 
Several other vendors came by and expressed surprise that we didn't sell out. But I took a quick poll of vendors under tents and in the pavilion and nobody was doing very well. Could it be the aftermath of the hurricane? Customers usually come from all over Florida, and the few who came from the coast today had tales of the disaster there. Whatever the reason, it didn't work out as planned. But we sold some items and several hats, including one that will be the bride's hat in a Steampunk-themed wedding.

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