Sunny Saturday with friends

Today we had the chance to introduce some of our good friends to each other. Pete and Donna drove us to meet Brenda and Woody for lunch at Peck's. Peck's is home to one of our "Best of the Road" meals, and we've learned that the stuffed grouper is even better when it's ordered "blackened". This time, just for grins, I had crab cakes instead. They were very good, but the stuffed grouper is still the best. When we were here earlier in the year, they provided a slice of Key Lime pie as a birthday treat. This time, however, they brought us a banana-split dish. Not bad, but the Key Lime was better. Since we had appetizers of alligator and fried green beans in addition to our meals, we were all stuffed.
We got here just in time. Right after we ordered, a Cobra Car club pulled in with lots of cars. So after we ate, we spent a little time admiring these beauties. It turns out they are not originals; each one was made by a different company or person. But they're pretty amazing anyway. Randy, Woody and Pete spent some time deciding which one they would buy, if money grew on trees.
Then we drove to Homossasa to show Donna and Pete some of our favorite sights in that area, such as Shelly's seafood market and Monkey Island. The monkeys were more visible today, playing around the lighthouse base.
We discussed going to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park but decided we were still too full from lunch to enjoy it. So we drove to Brenda and Woody's RV, to visit little Princess and talk awhile before heading home. And this is the second time I have fallen asleep on the trip back.

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