A Long Holiday Weekend

We started the holiday weekend on Friday at The Villages Browntown Square. Their Halloween celebration included groups of people doing prepared routings. We missed the fire-baton group, but were in time for one of many line-dancing groups.  
We watched some dancing, ate sandwiches from a vender and looked through the stores until it got dark.

Saturday we went to downtown Leesburg with Donna and Pete. Now that the Snowbird season has started, there is a Farmer's Market here every Saturday. This particular Saturday there was also a children's Halloween costume parade, which was really cute. Afterwards we had lunch at Bloom's restaurant, then went through a nearby antique shop. It was full of true antique furniture, not junk, mostly from France. The best part was the back room, where the dusty wooden furniture sections were stacked up. There were some amazing pieces there, but they won't fit into our small house on the canal, so we came home without anything. 

Sunday afternoon our "small group" from church got together to play pickle ball, go swimming, and enjoy pot-luck. Since most of the members of the group live in the Del Webb community, that's where we met. It was great, except that Randy lunged for a pickle-ball shot and tore his leg muscle up. 

And Monday our church held it's "Fall Fest". Over a dozen people filled their car trunks with decorations and candy, and at least a thousand people came to participate. Fortunately the church folks were prepared with extra candy and candy-runners who kept their buckets full! Besides the candy there were several bouncy-castles and lots of games, and inside the main building was a section just for toddlers. Great time!

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