A Grand Day

This morning Randy dropped me off at the Grand Oaks for another horse show. This was the Orlando Dressage show, and as usual, the horses were gorgeous.
They were all perfectly groomed. The lovely dappled gray even wore dainty little ear covers!
This event isn't restricted by breed, so there were all types there. The big black horse with the long tail and leg feathers looked to me like he was at least part Frieshian.
His mane was neatly braided, but his hair is so long that it formed a long rat-tail that fell over his shoulder!
One horse that was part Frieshian and part Morgan was a stunning big gray beast. He was one of the biggest and figetiest there, and his rider had her hands full keeping him calm. 
A smaller horse was solid black, which is an amazing color; he was so dark that I couldn't get a good picture. 
But these horses didn't need dramatic colors to show off. The brown horses shone like silk, and moved like a wave. 
Wish I'd been up on one of these!
It wasn't long before Jaylene came by to pick me up. Then she drove out to pick up other ladies from our small church group - Ana, Michele and Erin - and we all spent the morning visiting antique shops, vintage shops and thrift shops. When we were too hungry to do any more shopping, we went to Ramshackle Cafe for lunch. Then we had time for one more thrift store - Goodwill - before calling it a day. And a mighty fine day it was! 

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