Smyrna Dog Park on the beach

Got the urge to see a beach again today, so we drove to Smyrna where there is a dog park on the beach. It's a small strip of beach, but still pretty nice. Shortly after we put up our umbrella, a couple with a big white pit bull settled down near us. That dog turned out to be totally relaxed and happy. But the brown pit bull that showed up next (with owners who didn't feel they needed to use a leash even though he wouldn't obey them) was less stable. He wasn't mean but he did want to be the alpha dog; he would to block the white dog when she wanted to get out of the water and he kept trying to mount her. She just ignored him but we didn't feel like seeing what his reaction to Shorty would be, so we kept away from them.  
But along the beach were several other dogs, happily running in the water and splashing around. 
Our dog, however, was not impressed. Why be in the water when there was a nice blanket under a shady umbrella, right next to the sandwich cooler? He did a little bit of swimming but he just didn't get the appeal; maybe a couple more trips will help. 

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