Crêpe Class

Thursday Randy gave a Crêpe  Class for one of the Small Groups from our church. There were 13 people in attendance at one of the members' house in The Villages. The hosts were very helpful; they provided paper plates, moved their roll-around kitchen island into the sun-room and brought in teakwood tables from the patio. We needed it all for the equipment and food containers that Randy brought with him. 
They also strung up a wire overhead so Randy could hook up a small camera, which fed into a TV. This gave the guests a bird's-eye view of the cooking area. 
He started with plain wheat crêpes, so they could taste the actual crêpe without the competing flavors of fillings. Then he made a nice breakfast crêpe with sausage, egg and cheese. He followed that up with an amazing savory crêpe stuffed with salmon, cream cheese and capers. 
Next came the dessert crêpes, starting with my favorite, banana and nutella crêpes. I could eat these all day long, but this time I had to serve them to others! Then he fixed crêpes with fresh berries and home-made crème fraîche.
The penultimate offering was a banana split crêpe, with macerated strawberries, bananas and pineapple, topped with fresh whipped cream. And last but certainly not least was the Queen of crêpes, Crêpe Suzette. First Randy told the group about the history of Crêpe Suzette, then proceeded to make them for everyone to enjoy. It was a great class!

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