Wednesday 10/21

I took the day off yesterday because it was my birthday! I can now legally be in the 55+ RV park. Randy had to work so we didn’t go out, but in the evening we went to the RV Park’s Pot-Luck dinner. Most of the folks in the RV park were there and there was a ton of great food, including Randy’s chicken and dumplings. Randy had not been able to bake a birthday cake because of his work schedule, so he secretly ordered one at a bakery and asked one of our neighbors to pick it up; then he brought it out at the Pot-luck dinner. It was chocolate cake with thick chocolate icing – does this guy know me, or what?! The pot-luck stared at 5 and it pretty much wrapped up by 6:15 pm, including dessert. But our usual group of late-nighters hung around until almost 8pm – we are certainly the wild bunch around here!!!

One of my neighbors is helping me socialize our dogs. She has a very mellow golden retriever named Brandi (the one with the yard) and she’s very consistent about walking Brandi every day. So for the past few mornings I have joined them, taking Sugarbaby out for a short walk with them both, and then when Brandi goes home (because she’s a real senior citizen and can only do a short walk), I swap Sugar for Julienne and we head out for a longer walk. Sugar and Julienne are already beginning to get a bit better, and I am sure they will improve if we keep this up.

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