October 16, 2009

It didn’t get to 100 degrees today, which is great, but it is expected to get there tomorrow. Since Randy and his crew work outside doing park maintenance, he has to consider the weather as well as the work requirements, to make sure nobody gets over-heated.

Today the park had a Happy Hour at 3 pm and everyone brought snacks and drinks. We brought fresh fruit and Randy made a cream cheese and cinnamon-honey spread. Other folks brought some great food, too – dips with chips, cheese, crackers, and all sorts of appetizers. Then everyone sat around and talked. Most folks left by 5, but our table were the “night owls” – we stayed out until 6:30! Actually, that was a very nice time of evening to be out because the sun sets early here, around 5:30, so it was much cooler after that. When we got back to our RV we found that the neighbors across from us had bought 4 strips of sod and created a small green lawn outside their RV!! The purported reason was to build a comfy yard for their yellow lab Brandi, but the guy was enjoying it as much as the dog - after the grass was down he started envisioning it as a small putting green! The grass is under the RV awning so with daily care, it might live, at least for awhile. It takes awhile to get used to this desert and the appreciation for soft, green grass never really goes away.

The sky is perfectly clear tonight and because there are not a lot of city lights around us, we can see thousands of stars above us.

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