October 17, 2009

Randy only had to work ½ day today because of the heat. Around 1:00 when we got in the jeep to go to town, the thermometer said 110. But it did drop down to 108 right away, so I guess it’s not really a heat wave!

We’ve still seeing new wildlife around here. Today a roadrunner jogged across the road in front of us as we headed towards Casa Grande. And recently I saw 4 quail trotting across the RV Park. I am not sure where they live because the whole park is enclosed except the front entrance, but others have seen them too, so they must live in here somewhere. That makes the park name of “Quail Run” pretty accurate!

We continue to see, on the horizon or out in a field, something that to my Midwestern eyes looks like a small brown tornado. But it’s just a dust devil and they are, as far as I know, harmless (unless you are standing by one and breathe in a bit of dust - that could make you cough).

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