Aftermath of the Big Freeze

The temperature stayed below freezing Tuesday and Wednesday. Our RV has a heater in the water bay that automatically turns on when the temperature is below 25 degrees; it stayed on non-stop for at least 48 hours.  

The cold spell broke on Thursday but it left it's mark on the Resort. They are not used to freezing temperatures here, and the irrigation water pipes on the individual sites are buried just 3-4 inches in the ground. The Escorts drove around and shut water off at sites where no RV was parked but even so, around 10 water pipes broke on Tuesday and 20 more broke on Wednesday. Most of these are easy to fix temporarily; open the container, reach down into the water or muck and turn off the irrigation valve. Then, as soon as possible, get a hose cap/plug from Home Depot and cap off the irrigation line.  Then turn the water back on.  That way the RV user still has water in their coach. Of course, the irrigation has to be repaired, but irrigation is not allowed on Hilton Head Island during the winter months, so this buys a bit of time to get the pipes fixed. 

That didn't happen at our site, and Randy had prepared for the cold by wrapping our water hose. Between that and the bay heater, we were not affected by the cold, at least not in the RV. Outside of the RV everyone, including us, kept saying "Wow, it's COLD!"

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