The things that can go wrong on a little RV trip...

We have been sitting in one spot for awhile and although we are going to work here a little longer, it's time to get away for a few days. So we planned a short trip to Florida. We left off on Tuesday, but not quite as early as planned. When we started the RV the airbags only worked on one side, giving the coach a definite list. Not what you want to discover when you are starting a road trip! Fortunately there a guy in the Resort who is handy with RVs. He came over and he and Randy started investigating. Here's a disheartening sight that is familiar to every RVer - guys under the coach, troubleshooting.
They were able to identify the problem, which was a cracked line. There was no place to get a replacement so they used the old standby, duct tape. And it worked! 
So we got on the road, and then there was another problem.  The alarm that indicates the jacks are not retracted kept going off. Randy verified the jacks were up, but the alarm kept going off. He put up with it for almost an hour before stopping to fiddle with it again, and it finally stopped beeping. The rest of the trip was peaceful, and we drove to Jacksonville and checked in at the Pecan RV Park. We have stayed there before; it's a clean park and the Passport America rate makes it very affordable. This time I noticed a couple of things I'd missed before; for one thing, there is an airport very nearby and planes kept flying low (and noisily) over the park. The other thing is that the laundry machines only work with a pre-paid card from the office. I think that is pretty inconvenient for guests, but on a short-term basis I can put up with it. 
The next day we drove to Lakeland, and the stupid jack alarm stayed on again. A couple hours of that was enough to drive us crazy. Eventually we stopped and got some fluid for the hydraulic system, and that fixed the problem. Having an alarm system is all very fine and well, but it should not give the wrong message. Don't tell me the jacks are down when that's not the problem!
Oh, well, we got to Lakeland OK and parked at the Lakeland RV Park for a few days. It's a pretty typical RV park; not a Resort, but OK. There are a lot of long-term residents here but the sites and RVs are in nice enough shape. We are here because there is a big Pig-Fest going on this weekend. And Randy has gotten certified as a BBQ judge so he is going to judge some of the entries. Anything to get some good BBQ! 

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