It's Soup Weather - and homemade is best!

A new Workamper couple has started work, so we have done a little training. Not as much training as I'd like; I think Randy and I are pretty good at what we do and we are good trainers, but the schedule doesn't line up enough to spend much time with the new couple. Plus it's really slow here, so there is not much to practice on. I thought that the busy season would start in January, like it does in Arizona. But it's not nearly as warm here as Arizona, so the season starts later. And the weather here in more changeable than I expected. It's very common to have 30 degree temperature swings in a day, and sometimes more. But other than those few days last week, it has't dipped below freezing; at least not more than a few hours in the night. So compared to the rest of the country, we are doing pretty good!

Our group of Workampers has started getting together every so often for dinner. As wacky as the weather has been, so far the menu has always been soup! Brenda made soup one night, the next week Randy did, and last night was Norma's turn.  Every body else brings bread or dessert, and we have a friendly dinner together. It gets dark too early to sit outside and nobody's coach will comfortably sit 6 or 8 for dinner, so we meet in the Clubhouse. One of the perks of Workamping is meeting and socializing with other Workampers!

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