Deer and Jeeps do not mix

We are going through a series of odd occurrences. For starters, Randy broke a tooth and is off to see dentist today. Plus my Sony Cyber-shot suddenly quit working today and although I've only had it 6 months, everything I can find on the internet suggests it's a dead duck. Plus the drivers seat of the RV seems to be wearing out enough that it needs to be replaced or recovered. Plus the tire-pressure gauge system, which lets us know when a tire on the RV or Jeep is low, needs to be replaced before we start a long trip. And yesterday, while Randy was driving back from picking up a pizza, a deer ran right into the side of our jeep!  Fortunately Randy is OK, and although the deer knocked itself down, it got back up and left, so hopefully it's OK too. The jeep, however, is not OK.

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