Snow Day!

It turns out there really is a winter storm in the South.  We didn't get that dreaded inch of snow (although the day isn't over yet) but we did get sleet, and sleet is worse than snow any day. And here they don't have any road salt to combat it. It really is a good day to stay home.

This isn't the first time I've smiled a Southern state's state of panic at impending cold weather; I shouldn't because it is really a hardship for the local folks. It's just that the weathermen sound so funny to my Midwestern mindset when they start preaching doom and disaster about what, in the Midwest, would just be a "be very careful" sort of day. But people from Minnesota and Canada feel the same way about Midwesterners; "You haven't seen snow till you've been to my home town!" Everything is relative. 

In the meantime we have closed the office at the Resort, because it really isn't a good idea for people to drive, and Randy just made some homemade oatmeal with cranberries and cinnamon. And snowflakes have started to drift down outside my window. Let's see what today brings.

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