A Whoopie Pie Festival

Here's something you don't find in a lot of places - a Whoopie Pie Festival. Whoopie Pies are very popular in Maine. Maine already had a State Dessert (blueberry pie), so the state legislaters designated Whoppie Pies as the State Treat. I like a state that knows the importance of sweets! You can buy Whoopie Pies almost everywhere that baked goods are sold, and they are pretty much always made on the premises.
The 5th Annual Whoopie Pie Festival is held in Dover-Foxcroft, where $5 gets you entrance into the tasting area and 5 tasting tokens. Pick the type of Whoopie Pie you want to sample and exchange a token for a piece. My knowledge of Whoopie Pies was confined to chocolate with white frosting filling, but here there are many types, including peanut butter. My favorite was the Molasses with Maple Syrup filling. 
Outside of the tasting area is a normal street fair. Well, pretty normal. The mascot is a Whoopie Pie, which is not normal, no matter how you look at it.
There are a few other differences in this fair. Along with the usual fair treats there are deep fried Whoopie Pies. And a troop of dancers were clogging to what sounded like Cajun Zydeco music, in front of the town Fire Station. And one booth was selling rifles and offering rifles as a raffle prize. The only other time I've seen rifles at a fair was in Casey County Apple Festival, in Kentucky.
The Piscataquis river divides the towns of Dover and Foxcroft, and the spillway is impressive. I love how the water surface is perfectly smooth and still, before the churning fall to the lower section of the river.

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