New England Church Bean Supper

We discovered that bean suppers are standard church fund-raisers here. The meals are hearty and the price is easy - usually around $10. The one we went to May 30th served three kinds of beans - small pea beans, spicy beans (more BBQ than spicy) and my favorite, yellow eye beans. Never had these before, but they are good!
We've been to a couple of different ones now and the although beans are a common factor, the side dishes vary from location to location. The church we went to on Friday has been having bean suppers for years, and the side dishes are now standard. They include "Julia Child's" coleslaw, spinach salad, broccoli salad, orange salad, red potato & egg salad, mac and cheese, and something called American Chop Suey. That dish looked a lot like goulash to us. We thought that was someone's personal recipe but everyone at our table said it was a common dish, and were amazed we never heard of it.

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