Cooking Class - All About Crepes

Recently when the managers at the Pumpkin Patch Resort asked Randy to do a cooking class, he put on a class about crepes. 
At the start of the class he made some whole wheat crepes, so everyone could try something different from the more common white flour crepes. One of the guys in the back of the class leaned over to his neighbor and whispered "aren't we going to get anything on these crepes?" Boy, was he in for a surprise! Randy next demonstrated creating Breakfast Crepes filled with sausage and eggs and topped with hollandaise sauce, followed by (my favorite) crepes with Nutella and bananas. Next were crepes filled with fresh berries and topped with whipped cream, then savory crepes with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers. To finish Randy made Crepes Suzette in a luscious flaming sauce. The class went very well and they have asked him to do another class in July. As his helper, of course, I get to try everything, so I can't wait to help with that one!

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