Bean Pot Bean Dinner

After the beans sat in the pit for 24 hours, the next step is to shovel the coals off the top of the pots.
Once the pots are uncovered, they have to be lifted out of the pit. Since they are very hot and very heavy, the best way to move them is with a hook and a pole.
They served the beans with cole slaw, rolls and hot dogs and Randy's Texas cake. The beans didn't photograph well, but they were very tasty!
The hot dogs they served are called "red snappers" because of their red-colored natural casings. Back in the midwest, bright pink hot dogs are cheap junk, so we weren't sure about eating these. But in Maine these are the hot dog of choice so we decided to trust our fellow RVers and give them a try. We discovered that these are an entirely different dog than the cheap ones of our past - these are good!

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