Life in Maine

Shorty still likes to take a running leap on top of Missy, and naturally, as a cat, Missy doesn't appreciate it. But sometimes they forget to aggravate each other.
Our weather is still questionable. Compared to the midwest, Maine has a short growing season and this year summer is late getting here. But a lot of the native flowers are out, like the beautiful Lupine that grows wild almost everywhere. In Nova Scotia I only saw the purple variety, but here we've found several colors.
In the resort one of the guys built a fire in a pit out back this afternoon. He kept it going several hours until it was full of hot coals.
Then he put in a couple of cast iron pots full of yellow-eye beans and covered them with more coals. Tomorrow there will be baked beans, old-style.

As for me, I am continuing my apparent goal of suicide one piece at a time. This time I shut the front door on my finger. My middle finger on the other hand still hurts every morning, from when I used it to break my fall last year. I don't know if I will lose the nail from this year's goof - I guess time will tell.

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