Working and playing on the dock

The dock behind our house has two sections; one where the boat will sit (as soon as we get one) and one where people could stand and look over the canal. That second part was not in good shape so Randy took it out today. To do that he tore off one plank, braced it from the bank to the outside plank, walked over to the outside plank, and started tearing off the rotted pieces in between. I would have loved to get a picture of him doing that, but my job was to watch out for the alligator. He likes to hang out under the docks across from us and we hear him every day. Somehow I didn't think Randy would be happy if I left my post to go get a camera! But no gator appeared and Randy got the rotted pieces off. Later we will replace the whole section with a floating dock.
After we cut the planks up, we had several more full trash bags, before they had a chance to pick up today's trash! Next he had a look under the house; for years people have been stuffing odds and ends down there. Nothing worth saving, of course, just stuff they couldn't bear to throw away. Fortunately we can throw it away.
So it was another hard morning of hot work. But there are compensations...tonight Randy stood on the good part of the dock, threw a line in, and caught a catfish!

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