A day off

We agreed that since we already have several bags of yard waste and dock pieces ready for the next trash day, we would take today off. We went to a local flea market, then 10 miles further down the road to the "Market of Marion Flea Market and Farmer's Market". It's a big one, advertising over 1,100 booths of stuff. A lot of it was cheap stuff that, as we say, fell off a truck: perfume, rugs, sunglasses, etc. But they also had a lot of good ol' flea market junk, which is what we prefer. I got some paperback books and Randy bought some vegetables. A few booths offered samples, such as boiled peanuts, a Southern staple. I just can't get into these, but they seem popular here.
Later at home, just before dusk, Randy went fishing off our dock and, just like yesterday, quickly caught a nice big fish! He looks like he's deciding how to cook it! "A couple of fillets, saut├ęd in butter...."

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