Keeping pretty busy, considering how hot it is

Monday we went with Pete and Donna to the little town of Webster, where every Monday they hold a flea market. It's much larger during "the season" but they keep going all year. A lot of what's here now is merchandise, like sunglasses, hats, toys, etc. There were a few stalls with real flea market stuff; that's what I like to go through. And a few stalls were selling vegetables. The coconuts that I saw in Ruskin are here, too, still on the stalk. 
It remained in the mid-90s so we were glad the small restaurant on the grounds had air conditioning. Better yet, they had great food. They offered a small buffet with fried chicken, pot roast, spaghetti, lots of side dishes and dessert. Very satisfying, especially after a morning of walking around in the heat. 

Yesterday Randy and I did some cleaning in the RV, and then since we were already a sweaty mess, we put up a workbench at home, near the front of the enclosed area. 
Today Randy and I sorted through some things and moved some things out to the bench. Even that much time outside made it necessary to take a shower before going to lunch. Randy joined several guys from the park for the monthly Men's Luncheon at JB Boondock's restaurant, while the ladies when to Olive Garden. There were 18 of us there, which made for some lively conversation. Afterwards Donna and I went thrift shopping again. I managed to stay out of the heat until we got home, when Randy and I re-did the reflective insulation on the windows. More sweat.

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