Cruising around Lake Griffin

Hot today, but the daily rain agreed to hold off until the evening. So it was a perfect day to take the boat out. Our canal that leads to Lake Griffin is small and quite narrow in places, so it's important that the waterway is clear. 
The recent storms took down a tree in this area, and it fell right into the channel. Most of it was submerged but fortunately a few branches poked out of the water, to alert us to the danger. Randy shut off the motor and used the oar to pull us safely around the mess. 

We turned to go under the bridge onto Lake Griffin and said hello to a gator. He was pretty large, probably around 8 foot, but camera shy. Right as I snapped a shot, he submerged, then resurfaced when I lowered the camera. We did this a couple of times before we were past him. 
We cruised around the lake awhile, then ate the lunch we'd packed: lunchmeat sandwiches, chips and grapes. Then we went looking for another canal. Our boat runs smoothly in surprisingly little water and we cruised right along in just 5 feet of water, but in some places the lake bed was even shallower. In one area, as we maneuvered towards a canal opening, the water was just a couple of feet deep. We got a great view of the sea weeds but it was getting a little too shallow, so Randy turned around. 
Then Pete took the wheel and we headed home, across Lake Griffin. 
Any day on the water is a good day!

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