Cocoa Beach

As tour guides go, Pete and Donna are doing an excellent job. Today we stopped by to talk about the fact that the water has been turned off in the park again (yesterday a main water line broke). Suddenly Pete said "How about we drive to Cocoa Beach?" What a great idea! It takes 2 1/2 hours to get there but with good company it didn't seem like a long trip at all. 

The part of Coco Beach town we went through is a sunny ocean tourist town, with lovely soft beach colors and lots of t-shirts for sale. We drove past the mecca of surf, Ron Jon's. This is the main building but there are 3 buildings now, all painted bright yellow and blue. Who knew there was so much money in surfwear? 
But the first thing we did was eat lunch! Pete and Donna recommended the Florida Seafood Bar and Grill. 
They serve some good platters here but even though we were hungry, the platters looked like too much food. So Randy and I ordered a couple of po'boy sandwiches to split. They cover their shrimp and oyster sandwiches with pickles, which made Randy happy - he always gets a double dose of pickles because I don't like them. But the sandwiches were good and filling.  
After we got the important stuff done, Pete drove us around to find a beach access. And he found a nice one, just the other side of a leaf-covered walkway.
This is Cocoa Beach, a lovely long stretch of sand running as far as the eye can see. A few people were enjoying it today but in the fall this place must be packed!
The water was so warn and tempting. I think Randy may have been thinking about diving in. If we were in our car he may have done it, but we didn't want to get Pete's car all wet. But we should come back, better prepared, with swimsuits, towels and beach chairs. As long as we do it before the snowbirds arrive!
Then we thought it was time to head back, hoping to miss traffic. After the food, sun and beach, I fell asleep in the backseat. 

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