A Christmas dinner to remember

After spending an early Christmas with Mom and family in Illinois, I got to enjoy Christmas at home with Randy and friends. We went to church services last night and this morning, then Randy got into the kitchen to finish dinner. Pete and Donna joined us, which was a good thing because there was so much food! Randy started dinner with shrimp cocktails. 
Next came lightly-browned Duchess potatoes,
and Brussel sprouts sautéd with bacon, red onion and parmesan cheese. 
The star of the meal was prime rib with horseradish sauce. I am not a big beef-eater, but I will knock people over for this when Randy makes it. 
We sat around the table for a while before trying to fit in dessert - chocolate creme brûlée, topped with caramelized turbinado sugar. 
Then food coma set in; we never got to the pecan pie.

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