Back from Washington

My trip to Washington was great - I got to spend so much time with Mom. At the start of my visit we had a beautiful snowfall. It looks so lovely on the trees, 
but not nearly as good on the car!
We visited Walmart, Ectera, Walmart, Goodwill, Walmart, another Goodwill, Walmart, another Goodwill, Walmart, estate sales, Walmart, and resale shops (there is a theme here). I took her to doctor visits and to the library, where she volunteers every week. We went to Menard's several times, because I dug up the grassy strip between the garage and the alley, and replaced it with rocks, edged with big pavers.  

 We went to an office that offers enhanced-hearing phones, and Mom was so impressed that the next day, when we drove to Hanna City to pick up her friend Kathleen, we went back to the office so Kathleen could check out the phones for herself. We squeezed that stop in between visits to Goodwill and lunch at DQ. 

The town of Washington seemed to be in a weird pricing zone. A dozen eggs for 38 cents, and a gallon of milk for 99 cents - sure wish we could find those prices in Florida!

Towards the end of the trip, the weather turned freezing cold, down in the mid-twenties. I haven't driven on ice in so long that I didn't want to try it, so I was glad that I got to visit Sharon a couple of times, plus her awesome daughter Vicky, before the weather turned bad.
The funniest thing on the trip was this billboard in Washington:

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