Groupon and the Mud Monster Swamp Buggy Ride

We found something called "Florida's Adventures in Paradise Mud Monster Swamp Buggy Ride" on Groupon and decided to give it a try. It's on Merritt Island on Florida's east coast, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from us. We were surprised to find that it's located at the edge of a residential area. The place offers several things, like tractor rides and a small zoo. There were a few animals on display around the office area, including a lizard, lemurs and a mid-sized pig. 

After a few minutes our ride showed up, and we were ready for a swamp adventure. The vehicle looked like it could roll through swamps without any trouble.
We fastened our seat belts and were off! But soon we realized this wasn't a swamp adventure at all. All it was, was a fast drive over the terrible, pot-holed roads that surround the office. We almost never got out of sight of the office building - no swamps, no gators, nothing. The roads were so bad that we got tossed around really hard. Now we understood why some of the seatbelts were broken - Pete's broke partway through the ride. This was not what we were expecting!
We survived  and went looking for or seafood for lunch. Fortunately we found Molly's Seafood Shack. We haven't had oysters since February, and it was high time we had some more! These oyster were maybe just a shade less sweet than the May River oysters of South Carolina, but they were delicious anyway. Then Randy and I split a blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich and fries, which was enough to fill us up nicely. 

Since we were so close to the ocean, we went to Cocoa Beach again. The water was quite a bit colder than the last time we were here, but still as beautiful and entrancing. Wish we could live on a beach!

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