In mid-December the Village View Community Church hosted a Ladies Tea, aka "Ladies' Refresh".  Each table for eight was either decorated by the staff or by the table hostess. In our case, it was a bit of both; Donna and I volunteered to help set tables, so we included our table, using the church's settings. 
The wait staff were volunteers, too - men from the church. Our table had the very best waiter - Randy! They were short on volunteers so Randy had 4 tables instead of 2, and he kept busy. He took a fair amount of grief from our table, but still delivered good service. Unfortunately we shorted him on tips!
The tea consisted of fruit pudding, quiche, thin ham slices, scones with Devonshire cream and chocolate cake. Jaylee was so impressed with Devonshire cream that after everyone had what they wanted, she picked up a spoon and ate the rest like ice cream! Everything was good and I enjoyed it all, but no doubt, Randy does better

The Refresh was very well attended; there must have been over a hundred people there. The entertainment was 3 young ladies singing, then an excellent violinist who shared her music and her testimony. Nice event, glad we went!

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