Christmas Lights

Even though the weather is warm, Florida residents still pride themselves on Christmas light displays. Since this is our first Christmas in the house, we were short on decorations - there wasn't much room in the RV to store things used once a year! We did still have some sentimental ornaments, but we still had to buy a lot of new ones. So this year we got a modest tree.
But our neighbors put up a lot in their yards, and the mobile home park has an annual golf cart parade. Golf carts are the thing in Florida. I was on my way to church when the parade passed by, but I got to see most of it. 
One night Pete drove us all out to see the big light displays around town. In some neighborhoods in the Villages, everyone on a street have decorated their houses with lights in sequence to the same music, which was beautiful. And Venetian Gardens, where we went for the 4th of July, did a big display, too, near the lake.
Another night we all went to Cottom Farms in Lady Lake. Every year they put on a huge display that covers several acres.
Up on a small hill is a lovely house, with each room decorated differently. The living room is a Christmas wonderland,  
but my heart belongs to the white and pink bedroom. I want this!

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