Along the Ocklawaha River

Today we were joined by Pete and Donna, plus Woody and Brenda, for a long boat ride. We took Shorty and Brenda brought their sweet little dog Princess. She is over a year old now but is still a petite thing. She had the cutest hat I've ever seen - a tiny doggie sun visor!
The water is about a foot low in the canal right now because we really need rain. So Randy navigated out of the canal before letting Woody take us across the lake. 
Donna, Brenda and I sat in the front with the puppies and talked. I slathered on my sun-factor 50 while they just relaxed and soaked up the sun. We did a quick comparision: we look like an Island Girl, a Southern Belle, and a Canadian (that would be me). 
The dogs behaved themselves while we were talking. Princess played with Shorty a little but she stayed on Brenda's lap most of the time. Shorty was getting plenty of attention from Donna, but he decided he wanted Brenda's attention, too. So he came over to her side, lay down beside her, and put his paw on her hand and stayed that way. He knows what's cute.  
We reached the northern shore of the lake and continued up the Ocklawaha River until it was time for lunch. Donna had heard of a place along here and we were able to find it - the Blue Heron Bar and Grill. It's not fancy but they serve good food, and that's what matters!
On the way back Shorty decided he was still jealous of Princess. First he jumped up on the bench beside Brenda, then he pushed his way on her lap. Fortunately Princess was too lulled by the sun and waves to mind, and Brenda has a tender heart towards critters.

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