It seems like we've been really busy lately. Last week Tuesday and Wednesday were full of food preparation. Beth and Dick came over for dinner and a long hand of Phase 4. We attended our "Small Group" from church on Tuesday. Everyone brings something to share for dinner; this time Randy fixed ham salad. The next day Randy was in charge of the Wednesday night dinner at church for 100 people. They always have a main dish, salad and dessert. People have been asking for a menu change, so Randy fixed baked potatoes with lots of toppings. For that, he wanted BIG potatoes. And he got them!
I teach a Robotic class at the school on Wednesday and Randy teaches a Financial Peace class later the same day. We only have one car so we have to coordinate our schedules. This time we both stayed at church most of the day. While I went to the Robotic class, Randy started in the kitchen. When I got done I joined him. The dinner was served a little before 6 and as soon as that was done we sprinted over to the classroom where Randy's Financial Peace class is held. Since this was the last night of the class, he had prepared a complete pulled-pork dinner for everyone. 

Saturday was clean up at the church. I started pulling weeds, but the guy in charge asked me to take some pictures. I LOVE taking pictures! Even more when it gets me out of work!
Our church will be putting on an Easter Play this year, and Randy is in it. Sunday they asked the cast members to wear their costumes for a "triumphal procession" during the worship service. Before service started they mingled around the foyer,
 greeted guests,
 and guarded the entrance.
And after the boat ride on Tuesday, we went to the church for another dress rehearsal of the Easter Play. Randy is in it, playing non-speaking Apostle Andrew. He's got the part down pat.
They performed the play on Thursday and Friday, and everyone did a great job.

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