A little too close for comfort...

A couple of days ago we saw a BIG alligator in our canal. Not a little guy like Appetizer - this was Appetizer's mom or dad. 
The water is murky green now. I don't know if this is common at this time of year here, but it makes great camouflage for alligators. If this one wasn't above water, it would be completely invisible.
We think this might be the alligator that hangs around the entrance to Lake Griffin. He's wandered partway along the canal before but we've never seen him this far down. 
This evening I was finishing up some gardening on our side yard that slopes down to the canal. I looked up and saw this big boy in the canal, headed right towards me. Not fast, not charging, but definitely swimming in my direction. I left quickly. This one is too big to take chances with. 

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