Happy Easter Greetings

Happy Easter Greetings! We went to church this morning, where the service opened with a special number by the little ones. It was a song with a lot of bouncing up and down, and they were very good at that at.
Then, during regular service, the kids went outside to see the 2 little donkeys that were brought in today. The donkeys were very sweet and the children were fascinated by them.
The smaller donkey has been working with children for 6 years, so he was very comfortable with the little hands reaching out to him.
Afterwards, around 4 pm, we went to Pete and Donna's for dinner. They were fixing the dinner, with Randy just bringing a salad. But Randy felt inspired to bake a loaf of Challah bread, a Jewish bread often baked for Sabbath.  He hasn't made this for a few years, but he hasn't lost his touch. 
Pete has been cooking yesterday and today, and served us green beans with bacon, sweet potato casserole, potatoes and peas, and tender ham. And every single thing was delicious!
Donna made her famous deviled eggs. These little eggs were almost too cute to eat! 
But we did because they were scrumptious. Poor little eggs....
After dinner there was interesting conversation and lively repartee with Pete, Donna, Donna's brother Larry and his wife Lee, but the food was so good that I had taken seconds of everything, and went into a food coma.

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