Homosassa with Friends

Today we drove west to Homosassa to visit Brenda and Woody. Unlike us, they are still RVing, so they will head north soon, before the Florida heat arrives. We talked about RV parks, workamping, and what has happened at Hilton Head Motorcoach RV Resort, where we all used to work together. It's always fun talking to RVers who shared experiences with us, and Brenda and Woody are fun people who would do anything for a friend. When we arrived in Florida last spring, they were our guides for a few weeks, and Brenda helped me out of the blues that had settled on me. They are good folks!

For lunch we went to The Freezer. We were here in March last year so we know what to order: shrimp. Their shrimp is so good and so famous that it doesn't come with any side orders. Just shrimp. But when you do something well, why do anything to distract from it?
But we got distracted anyway. As we were finishing lunch, Randy noticed a full-grown Manatee had glided silently up to the edge of the dock where we were eating. He was half out of the water and looked huge! I scrambled for my camera but by the time I got it out, he had sunk under the water and moved out towards the channel. This guy has big prop-scars on his back. Even under the water they showed white.
After lunch we went back to their RV again. Their little Princess is such a charmer; she is bouncy and full of love, and willing to share her toys with Shorty. She didn't know Shorty is a toy-hoarder. He, as usual, stole all the toys, and put them up on the couch, which was mean of him because Princess can't jump high enough to get up there. And as soon as Princess played with another toy, Shorty jumped off the couch, stole that toy, and brought it up to the couch. I love him, but sometimes he can be a butt.

But Brenda and Princess forgave him. We had a nice visit, and then it was time to leave. It's a long drive home and we were full of shrimp and relaxed by good talk. It would have been nice to take a nap, but only Shorty was able to do that. As soon as the car got on the road, he was out, just like a 2-year old. 

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