A first look after the storm

We spent the last night on the road in Dothan, Alabama, before starting the final part of the drive. Highway 75 was moving well this time. Several times we saw convoys of service trucks going south.
As we got further south we knew the hurricane had been there by the rows of broken billboards blow to shreds. 
And everywhere we saw piles of tree debris stacked up along the road.
At long last we arrived home! In spite of how much we enjoyed our friends and family and in spite of the reassurances from our friends here, we have been anxious to see for ourselves what it looks like. 

First and foremost, thank God! 

Along the front of the house there was not much damage, except all my marigolds are flopped over. Nothing else was touched. 

Along the side of the house, two of the three big Hibiscus are almost laid down. I think they can be saved.
But looking towards the back, something looked odd....we didn't have a tree there when we left. 
And we don't have a tree now; we have part of a tree. Another part was laying across the back deck.
And the biggest part was lying on the walkway between the dock and the boat.  
Amazingly the boat was untouched! The frame that holds the tarp up over our boat got dinged when the branch fell but the boat was not harmed at all. 
The water in the channel is up quite a bit. County Lake folks came by today in an airboat and sprayed something to control the weeds which were already growing out of control even before we left. 

As to the house, we lost some trim on each side of the house and along the back. 
None of this matters: it is so good to be home!

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