Visiting family

In Florida they are sweltering in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, but in Illinois it's 62 degrees this morning! Time for jeans. And here's something we don't see in Florida - beautiful fall colors.
We went to visit Sharon today. Since the nursing home allows dogs to visit, we took Shorty. He likes Sharon and she likes him. 
She likes her brother a lot, too.
We stayed with Sharon until it was time for her to eat. Then we drove over to Lannie and Debbie's house for a visit, but unfortunately they weren't home. So we went to visit with Mom again. While we were there I did some laundry, and the dryer put out so much heat into the room that Randy knew there was something wrong. He found that the vent hose had come off, so all the dryer heat was being pumped into the room. So he went to the store to get a couple of things, and fixed that. Then Kathy, Mom, Randy and I settled down to play Rummy, according to Mom's rules. Her rules are that points don't count, either what's in your hand or what's laid down. All that matters is who goes out first. In spite of this, just to keep things interesting, Kathy tends to pick up the whole pile of discards. This time it didn't work out for her; everyone won a game except her.

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