Boatin' and Eatin'

Randy, Aaron and I went to church this morning, letting Jordan, Kassie and Izzy sleep in.

After church we wanted to take the boat out today, but had to wait a couple of hours for the overcast skies to clear up. It never really cleared but when the threat of lightening passed, we went ahead. We took the boat through our canal, across Lake Griffin, and up Haines Creek.
On the way back the oil light came on, so Randy had to pull over to the side of the canal and add oil to the engine. And we cruised on without any problems.
At home our resident alligator did not show up, but we did see a small alligator at our neighbor's place. We're still hoping the bigger one shows up soon.
Kassie loves seafood, so for dinner we went to Eaton's Beach. I ordered my favorite, 3 Mac and Cheese. It's on our "Best Food on the Road" list. After dinner Kassie, Izzy and I walked on Eaton's beach, waded in the water, and looked for shells while the guys relaxed on the porch. What a nice way to relax after dinner!  
On the way home Randy went to Mystic Ice Cream. It's an interesting place, decorated with a lot of old album covers, lava lights, and movie stuff, with trivia cards and puzzles on the tables.  
Their claim to fame is their ice cream, some of which is flavored with alcohol. I opted for the non-alcoholic Frankenstein: chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces and chocolate topping. I have no idea why they stick a pretzel stick in there - it doesn't need it.

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