Disney Springs

Not having access to Disney World for the summer has been hard. To fill the gap, we went to Disney Springs with Pete and Donna. Disney Springs is a big Disney shopping and eating area, and typically Disney, it's spotlessly clean and welcoming. Even without buying anything, it was nice. But they work hard to convince us to buy something. The treats look like something we should try.
 The stores are packed with Disney cute
including one that I may have to get someday. I would have gotten him today but it was hot and I didn't want to carry a bag. 
My favorite thing was, easily, the big Lego dragon. Now that the mechanical parade dragon is out of commission, this is the next best thing. He's big, bad, and made from 1,266,112 Legos. Who counted?
Somehow these folks can make gracefully curved greenery and thorny vines from little square blocks.
Close by is an area where kids (or anyone) can build little Lego race cars and race each other. Tiny little Legos cars don't run straight but it doesn't really matter.
Disney seems to love dragons; they have a Lego one in the lake. I kind of love this goofy thing! 
On another part of the lake were some really interesting Aqua-cars. Beside going on water or land, they are beautifully retro.
Continuing the awesome transportation theme was an amazing-looking balloon. Next time, we'll go on this!
Before leaving we looked around for a restaurant. The T-Rex could have been an interesting choice, except they had really ordinary food, and a big Brontosaurus skeleton over the door instead of a T-Rex. 
So instead we went to the Polite Pig. Good food.

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