Crazy Datona Beach

Randy made biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning - one of my favorite ways to start the day! Then we stuffed some big towels into the Jeep and headed for Daytona Beach. There was construction and an accident in our way, but eventually we made it. And it was wonderful! The water was a comfortable temperature and it was so sunny. I put lotion on but found out later I missed some spots. No matter. We all played in the water and sat in the sun for over 3 hours. The only weird thing was the constant line of traffic on the beach. The sand is packed hard and between the apartment buildings and the beach umbrellas, a line of vehicles were slowly cruising the beach. 90% of them were jacked-up trucks, with super-sized wheels and flashy lights. Some of these modifications cost thousands.
It turned out this weekend was the 2018 Daytona Truck Meet! The official location was at the International Speedway infield, but they all took time out to slowly drive along the beach, showing off their trucks. That wasn't too bad, but most of them had their windows rolled down and their (bad) music turned up. It was an odd backdrop to the beautiful, relaxing surf, but we didn't let it bother us too much. 
When it was time for dinner Randy suggested we go to Aunt Catfish's. That was an awesome suggestion! Their dinners come with the salad bar and we all agreed it was the best salad bar ever. It was so good that, even though I don't eat a lot of salad, I went back for seconds. Unfortunately that meant we were pretty full before dinner arrived. Nevertheless, we ate everything! Randy had blackened Mahi Mahi and shrimp, while I feasted on crab legs. I also had a Frozen Rock Lobster drink, which was great! And to top it off, every dinner comes with a glazed cinnamon roll; this is one of our favorite places now. I was stuffed and tipsy and glad Randy was the one who had to drive over an hour to get us all home!

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