Grand Oaks again

Grand Oaks had another Dressage event today so I showed up with my camera - these horse are just too beautiful to miss! Later Pete and Donna drove out, to bring us our extra car keys when we got locked out. They stayed with Randy to watch the horses go through their paceswhile I wandered around taking pictures. There were not as many horses here today at the last time I saw this event, so I didn't get as many photos. But every horse was amazing!
It was a really hot day, and after their time in the show ring these beauties were pretty warm. 
Me too! But after a shower I was ready to go out for dinner with Randy and a group of friends from our current and previous Life Group. Gary and Erin, Rich, and Jack and Michelle met us at Mom and Dad's for Italian food. It was good but not as good as I remember it when we went there with Aaron. We plan on getting together every month, so next month we'll get to try a new place.

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