100 degrees today

Our friends left yesterday but we are still here in the heat capital of the world, aka St. Louis. Today it hit 100. We are still staying indoors when possible, but of course we have to take the dogs outside. On one of those walks I found a dead cicada on the sidewalk; I haven't seen those in a long time. I nudged it with my toe, then jumped out of my skin when it took off skittering across the sidewalk! I forgot these things play possum. And then I realized that I had been hearing the deafening sound of those things but it hadn't registered at all; my Midwest background is coming through.

We did go to Sam's Club to get some groceries and Randy realized that we were directly across the street from the (in)famous Quiktrip in Ferguson that was burned out in the riot. It's completely boarded up and quiet now; the company has even removed the oil tanks.

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