Visiting Budweiser and Crown Candy with friends

Clyde and Nancy have come to St. Louis to visit us for a few days! We like to introduce our friends to great St. Louis food, so today we went to Hodack's for fried chicken for breakfast - a great way to start the day!
Then we went to Budweiser brewery, which is home to some of the most pampered horses anywhere. Normally there are a few horses outside for guests to admire but in this heat, all the horses were inside their luxurious, air conditioned stables. And because these big horses generate a lot of heat, some of them also have fans in their stalls.
But we were really there to take a tour of the brewery. They started the tour by giving us some information about how the beer is brewed. Then we all walked over to another building where, because it wasn't hot enough outside, we went to a sweltering room to get a quick look at where the beer is brewed. In 1904 the World's Fair was held in St. Louis and when the Fair buildings were torn down, Gus bought some really beautiful lights for his brewery, several of which were in this viewing area.
But it was so hot there that the tour guide whipped through her talk in about 1 minute so we could get out of there. We walked back to the main building and then the tour was over. When Randy and I took the tour years ago, we visited several buildings and learned about the entire history of Budweiser; now the tour is a fraction of that. Oh, well, it still ended as all good beer tours should, with free beer samples.
And back at the visitor's entrance (still in the air conditioning) was one of those beautiful Clydesdales! That made up for a lot!
We realized that that Clyde and Nancy had never been to Crown Candy Kitchen, so we made that our next stop. Crown Candy is a St. Louis landmark, famous for their hand-made ice cream, which they use in their luscious, huge shakes and malts.
We went back to our RVs for a short break before getting together in the evening. But I "napped" for almost 2 hours and missed everything else. I just can't drink beer.

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