How to spend a hot day in St. Louis

Randy and I woke up early today, before our friends were up, so we went to Soulard's. This farmers market has been going strong since 1841 and it is one of our places in St. Louis. It's a great place to get fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, baked goods, cheeses, meats - almost everything for the kitchen.
Today was another day of 99 degree tempurature so we all agreed to stay indoors. When Clyde and Nancy were ready for the day, we all drove out to Forest Park to see the Jewel Box. As we pulled up to it, we realized that since the Jewel Box is basically a greenhouse, it might be pretty hot in there; that is not what we had in mind. We didn't even get out of the car; instead we turned around and headed towards Fitz's, a restaurant in the Loop. Fitz's is a St. Louis staple - they bottle their own root beer and sodas. You can watch some of the operation through the glass wall.
Enough looking, time to eat! We all chose different entrees but we all ordered bottomless mugs, which you can refill with different kinds of root beer and sodas. 
There is a new candy store in the Loop called Rocket Fizz. Never pass up the chance to check out a new candy store! This one is cool, with lots of old-style candies and local products.
By then we were tired to being in the heat even for the short walks between the car and stores, so we went back to the RV. For once I didn't go right to sleep, so we turned the air conditioning up as far as it would go and visited the rest of the evening.

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